All The Right & Salient Features

PAKERP is the best accounting software in Pakistan for trading businesses. In this software, you can keep track of your stock, whether the stock is in one place or in several places. You can get all kinds of reports from purchase to sale. And you can also email / WhatsApp your reports and invoice directly from this accounting software. This software has been made easy to use so that everyone can use it whether they are an accountant or not. And customization is available as per your need/business, and you can also send your reports and invoices through email / WhatsApp directly from this cloud ERP software.

cloud PakErp software

Accounts Module

– Bank / Cash Payment Voucher.
– Bank / Cash Deposit Voucher.
– Journal Entry.
– Bank Accounts Reconciliation.
– Balance Sheet Drilldown.
– Profit and Loss Drilldown.
– Quick Entries.
– An unlimited number of charts of accounts.
– Chart of Account Group.
– General Ledger Inquiry
– Voucher with the edition of journal entries.
– Dashboards and Reports (PDF and Excel).

Sales  Module

– Customer and sub-branches management.
– Direct/Sale Invoice.
– Credit Invoice
– GST/Non-GST Invoice.
– Sales Return/ Sales credit note.
– Withholding taxes.
– Customer Ledger
– Sales Zones/Regions.
– Credit Status Setup.
– Sales Types (Retail / Wholesale)
– Report / Invoice Send Via WhatsApp, Email, or SMS.
– Customer and Sales Reports.

cloud PakErp software
cloud PakErp software

Purchase Module

– Supplier information
– Purchase Order Entry
– Outstanding Purchase Order
– Direct GRN
– Supplier direct/cash bills.
– Allocate Supplier Payments
– Purchase Order Inquiry
– Supplier Ledger
– Supplier rate listings.
– Various payment terms.
– Supplier Return Notes(Debit Notes).
– Supplier and Purchasing Report.

Stock Module

– Inventory Location Transfers
– Stock IN / Stock Out
– Inventory Reports
– Add Inventory / Service Items
– create Foreign Item Codes
– create Sales Kits
– create Item Categories
– create Inventory Locations
– create Units of Measure
– create Reorder Levels
– create Adjustment Type
– Manage Sales / Purchase Pricing
– Manage Standard Costs

cloud PakErp software
cloud PakErp software

Cost Centers Module

You can add multiple cost center to track departments, cost/profit/investment centers, or projects within a company. For eg:- Your business has different departments or short-term jobs that you want to know if they are profitable or unprofitable.

– Open Job / Project / Branch
– Outstanding Projects
– Value Addition Jobs
– Project / Job Inquiry
– Project / Branch Wise Trial Balance
– Project / Job Reports
– Project / Job Tags

Setup Module

– Company Info, like Business Name, Address, etc
– Can add Multiple User Accounts
– Can Define the Different Roles of Each User.
– Display Setup
– Transaction References
– Manage Taxes (Rate, Group, Type)
– System and General GL Setup
– Manage Fiscal Years
– Manage Payment Terms
– Printers Setup
– Void a Transaction
– Attach Documents
– Backup and Restore

cloud PakErp software

Everything You Need In The Software


You can create more than one user and set different roles for each user


With our system being cloud based technology, you can access it from anywhere.


Get great insights by generating financial, tax related and any custom report you need.


With our ERP advanced feature, you can use multiple currencies simultaneously.


You can set access rights for each user so the user can’t see the other items.


Our system/software is flexible enough to be customized according to your business needs.