Where Are Your Servers Located?
Our Servers are located in U.S. They are highly secured servers scalable to any level of resources for best user experience.
Is There Any Hidden Cost?
Except monthly subscription there is no hidden cost. You will get complete support, upgrades and backups
Can We Record Attachments To Transactions?
Yes you can record attachments to each transaction as image or pdf file. Hence for ready reference you don’t need to go into physical documents.
What space we will get on your cloud?
You will get 5GB space on our cloud. This space is enough for many years excluding attachments. However for attachments we are going to integrate Dropbox with your account. So attachments will be uploaded in ERP and saved in Dropbox.
Can we Install PakERP on our servers?
Yes, you can but the server support will not be provided by us. Initial downpayment will increase by $250. There will be no change in monthly subscription plan.


How to manage/Create GL Accounts

In PAKERP the Account ID must be in 4 digit (e.g:- 4000, 1000, 4050)

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How to Create Bank Accounts

Once assigned to a Bank account (or a Credit Card Account), the GL Account cannot be deleted

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